Settle Disputes with 4 Best Family Lawyers in Dubai

Settle Disputes with 4 Best Family Lawyers in Dubai

Family Lawyers

Dealing with family crises has never been easy, and when it comes to law matters, then you need to deal with them through a thorough understanding and legally. All over Dubai, you can easily find trusted professionals, who understand the severity of the case and know how to deal with them. 

Be it divorce, child custody, paternity or foster care, or any other dispute, you need a family lawyer, who can settle them, either inside or outside court. Owing to their intense framework and legal representation, they have gained expertise in dealing with situations which involves emotional attachments. 

You need someone who is rational and can communicate on your behalf to resolve the matter. When you think that your family’s reputation is at stake, then you must discuss the situation with a professional. 

A family lawyer ensures that all your given data and information stays confidential and to bestow justice. But, this is where the most important gets left out, whom to contact and whom to choose from such a vast list.

Well, to subdue all your worries, we have come up with the 4 best family lawyers in Dubai, whom you can contact, based on your requirements and location. So, let’s get to know why these 4 law firms have gained a reputation for being trustworthy family lawyers in Dubai.

Rest Assured with the 5 Notable Law Firms in Dubai

Experience matters a lot, along with the skills to identify the problem and solve it, thus, considering certain factors such as professionalism, communication ability, justice delivery, compatibility and accessibility. Along with that client feedback also matters while determining the top-rated law firms in Dubai, so go through the guide and grab the best law firm in UAE. 

1. Fotis Law Firm

If you are looking for an International law firm, with in-house lawyers having great expertise and highly knowledgeable, then Fotis Law Firm should be your priority. Here you meet lawyers who can speak more than 15 languages and are considered to be a pioneer in the matter of serving legal justice. 

They do not just deal with individuals but also support corporate and commercial aspects in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Ras Al Khaima. They claim to maintain a balance with the practise area and legal advice, covering a wide spectrum of legal dealings.

If you need a precise lawyer who has been dealing with family matters for years, then you must experience a high-end service from the attorneys associated with Fortis Law Firm. Be it, dispute resolution, administrative law, intellectual property they can be your best bet. Further, as they service a wide sector, they have a clear ideology to bestow the clients with legal advice to win any family dispute. Reach their website to know more about the team.

2. International Advocate Legal Services

IALS understands that gaining justice is indeed a challenge, thus, they have incorporated the best lawyers from all over the UAE, to help you retain justice. They thrive to fill the gap in terms of legal practice. Starting from 2008, it has now walked past the local market and reached International clients to help them with employment law, real estate, criminal law, debt recovery, will and property disputes, commercial and many more. 

In terms of family turmoil settlement, they are regarded to become the pivot for providing quality professional advice and empathetic, competent lawyers who have dealt with worse. Their sole objective is to bring justice. The amount of flexibility that you gain is incomparable and all your matter stays a secret.

They even have an affiliation with internal networks and Will Draftsmen, International Bar Association, Arbitral Women are few among the lot. The most impressive fact is that they are a part of liaising, in various countries, including UK Law Society, Women in the World, International Law Firms and more. So, with such a wide appearance, they are the leading law firm in UAE, you can trust them with every family agreement and disorders.

3. Hussain Lootah & Associates

If you are looking for overall coverage of the family matter, the HL&A can help you get the justice on time. They treat every case with impartiality, guarantee and confidentiality. Be it divorce, child custody or inheritance of property, they cover every sensitive legal matter. Being a bi-lingual firm, you gain a wide range of support, irrespective of your location. Here are few of their recent cases that receive a huge applaud for success- nuptial agreement, alimony, marital settlements, domestic abuse, document attestation, guardianship and more. They claim to be empathetic, expert and acts to safeguard client interest. If you are looking for a team that covers global cooperation, then HL&A can be your ultimate solution and one of the trusted law firm in the UAE.

4. James Berry & Associates 

James Berry & Associates claim to be the longest established team of lawyers in Dubai, who have sorted matters regarding corporate, commercial as well as personal disputes. If you are stuck while setting a business, employment arrangements, need advice on the transaction process, or any legal status, they render an overall solution from this explicit team of professionals. They meet the requirements stated by every jurisdiction.

If you are looking for a cost-effective team, then James Berry & Associates can be your right approach. Having 30 years of experience, they claim to resolve divorce, child custody, nuptial agreements and domestic violence. Every family dispute is unique in their own terms, this is where this team of lawyers can scale your conditions and bestow an uncompromised step. From crafting a flawless agreement to sanctioning the final consent, they never leave your side.


You must not always look at the cost, because with it comes to legal matters, you should always go for a reputed lawyer. To gain the confidence you can conduct your own set of research for law firms in Dubai. Look for the name of the lawyer, with whom you want to connect on the dedicated website of the bar association. And, lastly, be optimistic and do not forget to trust your gut feeling.

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