10 Tips to Staying Alive in Escape from Tarkov

10 Tips to Staying Alive in Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov

Lately, the game Escape from Tarkov has been gaining popularity among players. However, every match in this game is challenging and intense as it includes scavenging and loadouts. Also, fighting with the players is the most difficult part of Escape from Tarkov’s combat. 

If you are contemplating how to improve your kill record and survival in the matches, you are in the right place. You can go ahead and read this article to check out some of the best Tarkov hacks tips to win the game. 

1. Doors should be closed 

Avoid leaving traces for your enemy if you want to survive in the game. If you happen to enter any building, make sure to close the door as soon as you go inside. This will prevent your rival from knowing that somebody has entered the building.

In this way, you can carry on your exploration without any distraction. Moreover, you can also use this technique to get hints about your enemy. Look out for doors that are kept open as there is a possibility that there is an enemy nearby.

2. Do not lose the keys

The keys can be used for important purposes, thus, make sure to store them safely inside a container so that you don’t lose them if there is an unexpected death.  

Moreover, you can also reuse them. 

3. Avoid small backpacks

If you are facing trouble in choosing a backpack, consider selecting one that can hold maximum weapons, even if they cost you more. Keep in mind the storage space before you go for any of them. There are backpacks that are cheap, but they can carry only limited weapons. 

4. Learn all the exit points

It is crucial to know about all the exit points. You can learn about them through offline mode, videos, and other such ways. This will save you from critical situations and imminent danger. 

5. Be aggressive

Being sluggish will keep you in the safe zone. However, if you are aggressive, you are more likely to gain some kills and major loot. Thus, try to put pressure on your enemy. It certainly works! 

Having said that, this strategy also depends on the comfort and expertise level of the player. Once you are confident about your gameplay, this technique will surely work in your favor. 

6. Don’t rush, first wait! 

Never rush to loot your foe as soon as you destroy him. Wait for some time. This is because there is a possibility that the enemy you just killed might be the prey of another player and he or she might be following his or her target. If nobody arrives for a few seconds, you can go ahead and start looting. 

7. Avoid killing other scavs

If you are playing as a scav, you might feel that killing scav AI is the best and easiest way to start the game. But that’s not true! Scav AI has its advantages. It warns you about PMCs by killing the target that’s near it. 

If you feel any danger, you can quickly trick your enemy by imitating a scav AI. This way, your enemy will fail to recognize you and will divert its attention to something else. Once your opposition is away from you, go and kill it. 

8. Try to maximize your metabolism

Metabolism is very crucial to this game. To max it out, take down all the food that you come across and you can see your metabolism increasing very rapidly. Doing this will help you to permanently memorize all of your physical skills. 

9. Unload the weapon magazines

If you are worried about more storage space, take the help of weapon magazines by unloading them. Having just one pair of magazines will surely compel you to refill your magazines frequently, even when you are tired. However, remember, taking them out of the full magazines and storing will allow you to stock way more shots.  

10. Maximize the volume

Ensure that your volume is high while you engage yourself in the match. You might miss some important information related to the game if your volume is low during the match. 

You will also come across certain instances where your enemies will make particular sounds, telegraphing their moves. Listening to those noises and understanding them can make so much difference in the game. 


Keeping all the hurdles in mind, lasting in this demands proper strategy. Following the above-mentioned tips will help you to stand strong against your enemies. If you have any queries, comment below. Stay connected for more guides. 

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