Toshiba Laptop Stuck In Sleep Mode: Resolve It With Simple Hacks

Toshiba Laptop Stuck In Sleep Mode: Resolve It With Simple Hacks

toshiba laptop stuck in sleep mode

In a system, the Sleep Mode or Standby mode allows it to save battery life. But, it responds quickly to boot up again whenever required. Now, in Toshiba Laptops, you can exist from the sleep mode by pressing any key on the keyboard. But a problem arises when Toshiba laptop stuck in sleep mode.

However, in certain situations, users are unable to exit from the Toshiba Laptop Stuck in Sleep Mode and encounter an abrupt issue. Most of the time, this issue is caused by insufficient battery life. Apart from that, software misconfigurations can also trigger this issue in the system.

Now,  if you are one of those users who is facing the Toshiba Laptop Stuck in Sleep Mode issue then follow this article till the end. This is because we have provided the best ways to resolve this error here.

2 Solutions For the Toshiba Laptop Stuck in Sleep Mode

There are two remarkable ways through which you can remove this issue on the Toshiba Satellite Laptop. But, you need to apply those solutions properly in order to get a positive outcome.

In this section, we have provided the best ways to resolve this issue. Have a look at those solutions and try to use them as instructed.

Power Down the Laptop Completely

One of the best ways to resolve this issue is to turn off the laptop completely and then restart it.

Now, to do that task on the system, follow the given steps.

  1. Close the lid of the laptop and remove the battery from it. 
  2. Also, unplug the AC power adapter and other electric power sources.
  3. Now, move up the lid of the laptop and press the Power button for approximately 20 seconds. (This action will drain out all the remaining power of the laptop.)
  4. After doing that, wait for a few seconds and then put back the battery and the power into its respective place. 

Once you do that, the system should start normally without any sign of the Stuck in the sleep mode issue.

Enter Into the Safe Mode

While booting up, if the system shows you any type of error code or message then you need to enter into the Safe Mode to fix the error.

Now to dive into the Safe Mode of the system, go through the given steps.

  1. Reboot the system twice in a row to open up the Blue menu screen. Or press the Recovery function key to enter into the Recovery window.
  2. In the Recovery window, you will get the ‘See advanced repair’ options, click on that.
  3. The Troubleshoot menu will appear on the screen. In that Troubleshoot screen, click on the Advanced Options option.
  4. In that window, you will get the Startup Settings options, click on that option.
  5. This will open up the Startup Settings window on the screen. There you will get the Advanced Boot Options menu.
  6. Now, press the Function key number corresponding to that bootup option that you want to use.

In most of the cases, the Safe Mode boot option can be expanded through the F4 key. Press that key in order to enter into it. Check whether the Toshiba Satellite Laptop stuck in sleep mode issue is resolved or not.

We hope that our article is able to provide you enough information on the Toshiba laptop stuck in sleep mode issue. You just need to implement the steps in the exact order suggested. If you have any other issue with your laptop/MacBook, you can try Apple MacBook repair center in Lucknow with pure expertise & knowledge in MacBook repair job.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Why is my computer stuck in sleep mode?

You may be stuck in sleep mode if your computer is not turned on properly. Sleep Mode has the ability to save energy and to minimise wear and tear on your computer system. After certain length of inactivitythe monitor and other features automatically stop.

How do I get my Toshiba out of hibernation?

To leave sleep mode if the power button is pressed once, or if the key doesn’t work, hold on the power button approximately 10 sec

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