Comtrend Modem Internet Light Not On: How to Fix the Problem?

Comtrend Modem Internet Light Not On: How to Fix the Problem?

Comtrend Modem Internet Light Not on

The lights on your Comtrend modem usually show one color or the other. But, what if one of the lights is not on? In that case, the component associated with that light might not be in use. Many Comtrend router users have reported that they find the internet light turned off. If you are facing the same problem, there could be various reasons for it. The Comtrend modem internet light not on should indicate an internet problem on the device. In some cases, it might have something to do with the power supply as well. 

Read to know the ways to troubleshoot this issue on your Comtrend router. You might also need to find a professional solution in some cases. 

Why is the Comtrend Modem Internet Light Not On & How to Resolve that?

The internet light remaining off can be a hardware issue, but not necessarily in all cases. You might also consider a problem with the internet cable as the cause. Apart from that, the problem might also lie in the router in some cases. 

You can usually fix the issue with one of the following steps:

Power Cycle the Modem

Like most other router problems, you might be able to fix this one by power cycling the device. So, you must give that a try first before moving on to other possible solutions. Unplug the router from the socket and leave it that way for at least 30 seconds. Then, plug it back in once you are ready to turn it on again. 

Power on the router and observe its lights to check on the problem. Do you find the Comtrend modem internet light not on? Then, you must try out some more effective fixes to resolve the issue.

Fix Power Supply Issues

Do you find that none of your Comtrend modem’s lights is working? Then, there might be a power supply problem with the device. You can try various possible fixes in such cases as well. 

Here are some steps you can take to resolve power supply issues with your Comtrend modem: 

Fix Loose Connections

You must check the power cable first in cases of power supply issues. Make sure that it is properly inserted into your modem’s port and the wall socket. You can also try unplugging it from the router and plugging it back into the device. 

Do the same on the other end of the connection if that does not work. Then, try out the next solution if the problem persists. 

Connect the Modem to another Socket

A faulty power supply can also cause the Comtrend modem internet light not on issue. So, you must also check whether the problem lies in the wall socket. The best way to do that is by plugging the device into another socket. 

Do all of your router’s lights start working this time? Then, the problem surely lies in the power socket you were using earlier. 

Plug in the Device Directly to the Power Supply

Have you connected the modem indirectly to the wall socket? If yes, then that can often cause power supply issues on the device. So, you need to plug it into the socket directly for a solution. This can do the trick in many cases depending on the cause of the problem. 

Check for a Power Outage

Are you unable to fix the Comtrend modem internet light not on with the previous steps? Then, you must check for a power outage at your home. You might often fail to notice a power outage under various circumstances. 

All you need to do in situations is wait for the power supply to resume. Then, turn on your modem and try to connect it to the internet. 

Does the modem keep failing to turn on the internet light? If yes, then there might be a hardware issue with the device. You must also consider reaching out to the internet service provider (ISP) for a solution. 

Reset the Modem

Are all of the precious steps ineffective in fixing the Comtrend modem internet light not on? Then, resetting the device can offer you an effective solution in many cases. After all, it is an effective method to fix a wide range of issues with your modem. It can resolve various misconfigurations on the device that might be behind the problem. 

You can reset your modem through the interface or using the Reset button. And, you would probably find the latter method more convenient. So, find the Reset button at the rear panel of the device and hold it down for around 30 seconds. The status light of the modem should start blinking to indicate a factory reset. 

Log in to the router and set it up once you are done. Then, try to connect it to the internet again and check whether the internet light is working. 

Check for Hardware Issues

Does the internet light fail to turn on even after you reset the router? In that case, you must consider a hardware problem as the cause. And, the problem might lie in any component of your modem. Regardless, you would usually need professional help to find and fix your modem’s hardware problems.

So, reach out to a technician and book an inspection for your router. Replacing the device is often the most viable option if it has any hardware problems. 

Contact Your ISP

The internet light not working might indicate a communication problem between the modem and ISP. And, you would need the service provider’s help in such cases. So, reach out to them to find and fix any communication issues with your modem. 

Replace the Modem

Do you find an internal component of your modem damaged? Then, there might not be any point in trying to repair it. After all, the repair might not offer you a very long-term solution. It is better to invest in a new modem than in a repair in such situations. 

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