How To Install Realtek Audio Driver? [Quick And Easy]

How To Install Realtek Audio Driver? [Quick And Easy]

Realtek audio drivers can help you to change and manage different kinds of sound settings. Windows users generally use this application in order to improve sound quality. Being, one of the topmost sound editing software with unique features, it is a quite useful and efficient application. 

You can manually install the Realtek audio driver in the system. But, if you are unable to do so then here you will get a complete solution with easy to apply steps on how to install Realtek audio driver. 

Let us check the necessary steps that can help you to accomplish the process without any further hassle.

What is Realtek High Definition Audio Manager?

The Realtek HD Audio Manager is an advanced application that allows you to change and configure the different sound settings in the system. Thus helping in configuring the different audio configurations.

Realtek high definition audio manager can help to improve the quality of sound through the equalizer, mixers, and various sound profiles. With Realtek, you can also create your own sound profile. 

Features like noise suppression and echo cancellation are also present in this application. Streaming multiple audios to different output devices at the same time can be done quite easily.

4 Methods to Install Realtek Audio Driver

The steps are quite simple and are easy to implement. Let us know the steps by which you can easily install the Realtek audio driver in the system. 

Method 1- Remove all the Audio Drivers

First, you have to remove all the other audio drivers already present in your device. To uninstall all the audio drivers, follow the steps given below accordingly:

  • Open the Device Manager tab by simply clicking right on the Start button, or search for “Device Manager” on the Start menu.
  • Now, on the Device Manager tab, search for “Sound, video and game controllers” and then right-click on “Realtek High Definition Audio”. 
  • Click on “Uninstall a device”. In the new dialogue box, do not forget to select the “Delete the driver software for this device” and press OK.
  • Just wait until the entire installation process completes. Make sure that you do not turn your device off or cancel the installation process. 
  • After completion of the installation process, click on the “View” option, on the device manager tab.
  • Scroll down and select the “Show hidden devices” option, to make sure that you do not have any duplicate files or drivers present in the system. 

If you find any duplicate drivers uninstall them immediately and then restart your device.

Note: If before uninstalling, any message prompts on the screen, click on “Continue” and uninstall all the audio drivers present.

Method 2- Download the Realtek Driver

To download the Realtek HD Audio Codec driver, visit the Realtek website and go to the Downloads section. A prompt might appear that will provide you enough information about different motherboards that the Realtek driver might not support. Click on the Accept option and then head towards the download page.

In the download page, a list will appear on the screen. Simply select the Operating System and click on the “Global” link. This will automatically start the Realtek HD Audio Codec driver download. 

Method 3- Successfully install all the Drivers

After completion of the download process, all you have to do is successfully install all the Realtek HD Audio Codec drivers. Go to the Downloads folder and then find the Realtek high definition audio driver. 

Double click on the file and give the program access to run. The Realtek audio driver tab will open. Click on “Next” until the installation process starts. Make sure you click ”Next” on every prompt to start the installation process. 

Do not stop the installation process as it can lead to a subsequent technical glitch on the Realtek audio driver. After that, click on the “Finish” option. You have to accept the permission for restarting the system and to complete the entire installation process. 

Method 4- Finishing with Verification

After completion of the device restart process, you can get assurance that the driver is successfully installed in your device. Now, check if the application is working appropriately or not.

To do so, first of all, go to the Device Manager and navigate to the “Sound, video and game controllers’ option. Search for “Realtek High Definition Audio”. If you find it then all the Realtek high definition audio drivers are successfully installed on the device. 

If you cannot find the option under “Sound, video and game controllers”, then the installation process might not be complete. All you have to do is start the installation process from the beginning. 

After completing the steps again, check for the “Realtek High Definition Audio” option. Once you see the option, you can use the audio driver for changing different sound settings and improving the sound quality. 


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