How SmartWindows is a Great Solution for Techies

How SmartWindows is a Great Solution for Techies


Technological advancements have terrific ideas that add to your productivity at work. Where on one hand, delivery is required, on the other hand, techies used to find shortcuts that eliminate the tedious manual tasks. A technical person has a mindset of focusing on the core tasks that bring value at the end of the day. Instead, we spend hours every day arranging the apps on our desktop screen or open previously closed browser tabs on multiple browser windows.

If you use the computer on a regular basis, whether for studying, freelancing, or on the job, you are a techie. The tasks that you used to do regularly, spend exactly the same amount of time, arranging apps on the screen with the desired size and the display position on the screen, dual monitor setup, or open browser windows by restoring tabs on multiple browsers.

SmartWindows is a one-stop solution for techies to work smart and not hard. It empowers your Windows 10 with the capabilities and features that eliminate the headache of manually restoring and rearranging the apps every single day.

So let’s see the role of SmartWindows in giving more hands to techies.

Full Support to Tabs and Browsers

While using browsers, we have a dozen tabs opened in each window. It is very hard to navigate and find the one you need at the moment. Doing so, an accidental click on “X” closes all the tabs. Now whether you are using Google Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge, each browser has a different set of actions to restore the closed tabs.

Instead of remembering the settings of each window, a single click can help you reopen the tabs on one or multiple browser windows. This is exactly what you can do every morning before getting started to work. Restore your research work and URLs on one or many browsers. SmartWindows provides multi-tab and multi-browser support to its users that help them avoid restoring each browser manually.

Auto-Arrangement & Auto-Restoration

These are the two most powerful features of SmartWindows that techies would love!

SmartWindows makes your Windows 10 smarter enough to auto-arrange and auto-restore the apps. For instance, if you are coding, writing, and watching YouTube at the same time, you might have arranged the apps on the screen with display position and window size according to your liking. The next day when you are supposed to continue your work, you do not need to arrange the apps again or restore the browsers.

With just one click, SmartWindows will auto-arrange the apps at exactly the same position on the screen with the same window size as you adjusted. So, restore and adjust screen position in Windows 10 automatically with SmartWindows.

Multiple Displays & Profiles

If you are using more than one app to perform a task, the screen gets accumulated and it takes excessive switching between the applications. But, if you are working on multiple tasks at the same time, the mess on your desktop screen is just mere confusion. To avoid it, splitting the apps and their windows on separate displays could help.

SmartWindows provides support for up to 6 displays that help techies separate their work life from entertainment life. It provides auto-arrangement and auto-restoration support to each display. Moreover, it allows you to create unlimited profiles. With this, make presets and work zones and work efficiently without setting the desktop screen from scratch.

Benefits of using SmartWindows

Below are some benefits of using SmartWindows:

  • SmartWindows helps you achieve more in less time.
  • It gives more power to Windows 10 by automating certain functions.
  • It eliminates the headache of manually restoring and arranging the apps.
  • It saves your precious time every day.
  • SmartWindows increases your productivity at work.
  • It keeps backups of your work zones in case of a sudden power outage, unexpected Windows updates, or PC restart.
  • It allows you to work efficiently on multiple displays and profiles and organize your data accordingly.
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