How does technology add to Your Improved IQ?

How does technology add to Your Improved IQ?

technology add to Your Improved IQ

“If future generations are to remember us more with gratitude than sorrow, we must achieve more than just the miracles of technology. We must also leave them a glimpse of the world as it was created, not just as it looked when we got through with it.”

-Lyndon B. Johnson

With a massive number of people getting affected by degenerative brain development issues like Alzheimer’s Diseases. With this, the world expects to see multiple ways ending up such health problems while adding more to the IQ enhancement process.

Further, many studies are proving that those who often indulge in mentally stimulating activities are at a lower risk of affecting their brain development. Also, the Journal of Medicine New England unravels how the brain stimulation process keeps reducing the risk of progressing dementia by 63%.

To support this theory, the University of Michigan came forward with a dramatic fact ensuring that those who play mentally challenging fun games can never experience IQ or brain development related issues. It says a lot about how technology has been proving fruitful to add more to brain health and IQ.

The concept of digital IQ –

The appropriate blend of Technology and IQ ends up in digital IQ, which defines an organization’s abilities to reap maximum benefits out of technology. As per PwC’s 2017 Global Digital IQ Survey, most companies started to get lower over the past decade. As per their stats and study, every company requires to invest and develop strategies that tenfold the digital IQ while challenging the overall upgrading competition in the marketplace.

How to boost IQ?

There are multiple ways to infuse technology into your brain development activities while improving overall brain functioning. Many apps designed for brain readability and development are there, but all you need is to utilize them and reap the maximum benefits out of it.

Role of psychological POV in improving the IQ –

As per experienced psychologists, there are two major types of intelligence including – fluid and crystallized. The concept of crystallized intelligence revolves around information that is stored in the brain for a long time. Some of the most common instances of crystallized intelligence are – how to drive a car, what comes after the letter ‘A,’ how to greet someone, etc. Such facts and information change with time, yet the individual does not forget the previous factors.

On the contrary, fluid intelligence is referred to as the potential of a brain’s logical thinking. This helps to identify and improve the overall problem-solving efforts running in one’s mind. Whereas it is an important part of the brain, it is quite difficult to train and manage, especially for those who have been encountering stress-related issues.

Apps to add more to one’s IQ –

Word of the Day – This app is made for those who love to remain in the world of rich vocabulary and unique words. As a result, many literature students often find it a great way to enrich their knowledge while fueling their IQ level potential. The app includes every possible word existing in the world, making it easier and interesting for the person to enhance knowledge while learning high-level words with pronunciation and usage instances.

Brain Fit – This app offers numerous exercises that make you addicted to this app. It comes with bright colors, soothing music, and an exceptional interface making it even more interesting to enjoy the puzzles and arrange the rectangle accordingly. There is a line of stages that helps you keep going with the progress.

Brain Tuner – Are you someone who loves to resolve mathematical puzzles or quizzes in your free time? If yes, you would love to try the brain tuner app, which has many math problems, challenges with interesting solutions waiting for you. So far, this app has helped many children and adults who have been fearing mathematical equations since their childhood. Here, your total time taken to resolve a query is mentioned the most, making it an interesting yet challenging game to conquer.

How can corporate leaders change their work processes using the digital IQ?

There are many ways to make that happen. From raising awareness about digital IQ to linking it with your business aspects, there is an infinite number of opportunities to help you step ahead.

Some common ideas to align your business goals with digital IQ are –

  1. Diagnose and evaluate the digital initiatives
  2. Infuse digitization in all aspects of leadership
  3. Develop the essence of digital relationships in your business

The ultimate need for technology to improve the thinking perspective and potential –

The critical thinking process has turned out to be the biggest need of the hour, especially for those who desire to improve their IQ levels to the best. Be it a logical riddle or the potential to judge life decisions, countless circumstances are narrating the importance of having an intuitive thought process. Those who build thinking skills are more likely to understand the relations among ideas, recognize the value of appraised heated discussions, determine the importance of ideas conveyed, and much more.

Some common ways to develop critical thinking include – identifying the blend between the objective and crucial aspects of the discussion, evaluating the point of discussion, analyzing the resolution, and way out.

How technology plays a role in enhanced thinking skills?

Many tools help identify the critical connect, highlights, research, and bookmarks the important points. Some widely preferred tools include – Findings, Cloud Outliner, TaskPaper, and Marked. These technology-powered tools help to note down, maintain a hierarchy, and support the ideas. If used correctly, it can help you manage the art of mind mapping as well.

The bottom line –

Developing a strong brain with an intuitive IQ is something that everyone must lead the race effectively. And that comes when you know the right path to be followed. From getting your hands on calculative games to using apps that say it all, there are countless ways to make the most out of it.

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