Troubleshoot Outlook Mac Error Code 3253 With Amazing Fixes

Troubleshoot Outlook Mac Error Code 3253 With Amazing Fixes

Outlook Mac Error Code 3253

In recent times, Mac users are reporting a problem while they are using Outlook on their PC. 

When they try to send an email, they notice an error message “Connection to the server failed or was dropped” constantly showing on the display. At the same time, they encounter Outlook Mac error code 3253.

As the users become unable to receive and send an email, they become perplexed. When they click on the Send button, then emails move to the Outgoing box. The users notice a pending status and seek immediate help regarding the problem.

But before going to the solutions, they should know the exact reasons behind the issue. If the causes are known to you, then solving will become easier for you. 

Causes Which Led to Outlook Mac Error Code 3253:

After completing the research work, we come to know the reasons that are the main culprit for this issue.

If you are trying to send a huge number of emails at a time, then this error code might appear on your Mac device. It creates extra stress on the server-client communication as well.

Apart from that, an inaccurate setup of your Outlook account can be equally responsible for showing the same error code. Moreover, if an internet connection is not stable or uncertain, then there is a possibility of confronting the same problem as well.

Last but not least, if the Outlook application is damaged or corrupted, then it is pretty possible that error code 3253 might hamper your work.

No matter what the reasons are, in the next section, you will find some reliable methods that can be beneficial for you to fix the error code. So just keep your eyes on the guide and resolve the issue on your own.

Probable Solutions for Error Code 3253 Outlook 2016 Mac:

Hence, moving on to the hacks, you need to follow the tricks that are mentioned in the next section. All the methods are proven and enough for you to solve this particular problem on your own.

Trick 1: Use Terminal App

This is the primary method by which you can resolve the issue permanently. The very first thing that you have to do is to launch the Terminal app on your Mac and navigate to the Spotlight Search Glass option.

You will find this tab at the top right corner of the display. In the search box, type “defaults delete”. By using this command, you can erase the previous Outlook Preferences.

Again type, “lillall cfprefsd” in the box and the cached preferences will be cleared. At the final step, start Outlook and check if the same error code is appearing or not.

Trick 2: Add an Exchange Account

If the first method is not helpful for you, then try this method and solve the issue on your own. 

First of all, you should choose the Exchange option by tapping on the Add option. After that, find and provide all the necessary information for the Exchange account.

Once you have completed the above steps, choose the Configure automatically option by clicking on it. After putting all the details correctly, it will automatically configure the account. 

Once done, restart your Outlook account and check if the issue is still appearing on the screen or gets fixed.

Trick 3: Create a New Account

As we have stated that Outlook Mac error code 3253 is related to a connection server creating a new account, it will help you to fix the problem as well. Now, we are going to talk about the steps for creating a new Outlook account.

At first, you have to go to the Applications icon and tap on it. After that, right-click on Outlook application and tap on the Show Package Contents option. 

Now, navigate to the Content and then choose Shared Support as well. Next, select the Outlook Profile Manager by double-tapping on it.

After completing the previous steps, tap on Create a new profile and provide the name of the profile. 

Next, select the Add account and from the options choose your account type. Thereafter, click on IMAP/POP. Provide the details and finally tap on the Add Account icon.

In the above tutorial, we have mentioned the possible causes and the apparent fixes regarding the issue you are facing now. 

We hope that the above article will be enough for you to fix Outlook Mac error code 3253. But if you are not a tech-savvy person, then we recommend you seek help from the experts.

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