Ethernet Doesn’t Have a Valid IP Configuration (Easy Fix)

Ethernet Doesn’t Have a Valid IP Configuration (Easy Fix)

Ethernet doesn't have a valid IP configuration

If a valid IP address is not configured on Ethernet, then you might encounter the error message ‘Ethernet doesn’t have a valid IP config’ on your Windows device. And this occurs after you connect Network Interface Card with the router or modem via the Ethernet cable. The causes which is identified and are responsible for this error are the faulty router, incorrectly assigned an IP address to the computer, and the faulty NIC.

There are several solutions are available to fix it. You can learn them from the below lines. 

Fix Ethernet Doesn’t Have a Valid IP Config Windows 10 Error with Some Effective Solutions

As said earlier, the Ethernet doesn’t have a valid IP configuration issue arises due to the cable issue, incorrect configuration of the network adapter, or a faulty network driver. To resolve this issue you can thoroughly apply the given solutions one-by-one.

Solution 1- Restart Your System

Sometimes, this issue occurs due to the Fast Startup feature. In this case, you have to disable the Fast Startup option in order to fix the issue.

Step 1

At first, press the Windows and S keys simultaneously to open the Search field. Then, enter ‘control panel’ in the available space and press the Enter key.

Step 2

After that, set the View by as Large icons. Once the window gets opened, click on Power Options and then from the left-side panel select “Choose what the power button do”. 

Further, click on the ‘Change settings that are currently unavailable’ link. At the next step, you should unmark the box beside the ‘Turn on fast startup (recommended)’ option.

Step 3

Furthermore, select the OK button to save the changes. Lastly, restart your system and check if the issue persists or not.

In case, this solution does not workable for you, here we provide another solution. Try this, to fix Ethernet doesn’t have a valid IP config issue.

Solution 2- Check the Network Adapter Settings

To apply this solution, follow the under mentioned instructions. 

Step 1

Open the Run dialog box by pressing the Windows and R keys altogether (Win+R). After that, enter ‘ncpa.cpl’ within the input field and tap on the Enter button. 

Step 2

Now, the Network Connections window will appear on the screen. Under this part, you have to right-click on your Network Adapter and select the Properties option. 

Step 3

The next thing that you should do is go to the ‘Ethernet Properties window’ and thereafter, locate and click on the ‘Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)’ option. Furthermore, click on the Properties button.

Step 4

Then, you have to enable the following options.

  • Obtain an IP Address Automatically
  • Obtain DNS Server Address Automatically

Now, restart the router and the computer. Hopefully, as both the system turns on you will find that the internet works fine, or else proceed with the below instruction.

Here are the steps that need to be followed.

  1. First, open the Network Connection Properties window as explained earlier. Under the window, you should select the ‘Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)’ option and then click on the Properties button.
  2. Then, choose the ‘Use the following IP address’ option. Furthermore, you have to enter the correct IP address. You can know the required details from your ISP.
  3. Once done, then enable the “Use the following DNS server addresses” option and put the following details. Preferred DNS server: and Alternative DNS server:
  4. Click on the OK button to apply the changes.
  5. Then, restart the system again and try to access the internet. Hopefully, the Ethernet doesn’t have a valid IP configuration error not appears anymore.

Solution 3- Reset the Router and Check the Ethernet Cable

After applying the above two solutions if you still face the issue, then we suggest you reset the router and thoroughly check the Ethernet cable.

If any replacement is required, then do the needful. Alternatively, you can use a different router and if connecting with the new router, can not fix the issue, then there must be an issue with the Network card.

In such a scenario, you need to factory restore your router to fix the problem.

Solution 4- Reinstall Network Adapter Drivers

To solve the Ethernet doesn’t have a valid IP configuration error, reinstall the Network adapter. This is a quick solution and you should apply it, to eliminate the bug. 

Here is how to implement this task.

Step 1

To begin with, press down the Windows and the letter R keys at a time. Thereafter, type ‘hdwwiz.cpl’ in the Run dialog box and tap on the OK button. 

Step 2

Once the Device Manager window gets open, locate the Network Adapters option and double-click on it to available the related menu. Further, right-click on your Ethernet Card and choose the Uninstall Device option.

Step 3

A confirmation dialog box might pop up on the screen and you have to tap on the Uninstall button. Again reinstall the Network Adapter. Once completed, then check if any change is made or not. However, if you are still unlucky, then try the next solution to fix the issue.

Solution 5- Use the Command Prompt (Admin)

According to the experiment if any of the above solutions do not work to fix the glitch, then running a couple of commands can be helpful to you.

For applying this solution, at first, open the administrator privileged Command Prompt window. In case, the option is not available, then it is highly recommended to use the PowerShell (Admin) option.

When the Administrator Command Prompt window opens, type the below commands one-by-one and press the Enter button after each.

  • ipconfig /flushdns
  • ipconfig /renew
  • nbtstat -R
  • nbtstat -RR

In the same black-screen window enter the following commands, and hit the Enter button after each to execute. Do not hurry while following this solution. Let each command do its function, and then enter the next command.

  • netsh int IP reset c:\resetlog.txt
  • netsh winsock reset

Once you have successfully run the given commands, then, simply restart your computer. 

As the computer restarts, then the bug should be removed 

Solution 6- Disable the IPv6

Several users also reported that they solved the issue by simply disabling the IPv6 option.

Try to disable IPv6 in order to fix the problem. For that, follow the given instructions.

Step 1

Navigate to the ‘Network and Sharing Center’ section. You can easily do it, by right-clicking on the Network icon and then select ‘Open Network & Internet settings’. After that, click on Network and Sharing Center.

Step 2

When the ‘Network and Sharing Center’ page opens, from the left panel click on the ‘Change adapter settings’ option.

Step 3

Then, you should move the mouse pointer onto your network connection. After that, right-click on it and then click on Properties.

Step 4

Next, locate the ‘Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6)’ option. Once found, then uncheck the box beside it. 

Thereafter, tap the OK button to save the changes. Further, check if the issue gets solved or not. Hopefully, it will and if not, then try the next solution.

Solution 7- Enter a MAC Address to the Network Card

Each and every network device use a Unique MAC address and if the MAC address was not set in Windows 10, then there is a chance for the appearance of this issue.

In such cases, you have to set a MAC address for the Network adapter. For that, first, open the administrator privileged Command Prompt window.

After that, type ‘ipconfig /all’ in the given field and hit the Enter key to run this command. A full list of information will appear on the screen.

Under the list, you have to locate your Network Adapter and search for the Physical Address value. The address should be six pairs of numbers and letters. 

This is the MAC address. Note it down as it will require to complete this solution.

Now, you know the MAC address. You have to put it to the Network Adapter. To do so, check out the given steps.

Step 1

Move to the Network and Sharing Center window and then open the Network Connection’s properties. Once, the Properties window opens, click on the Configure button to continue.

Step 2

After that, open the Advanced tab. Set the Property section as Network Address. Now, under the Value field, you need to enter the MAC address that you have kept saved in a note. Do not use any dashes between the address as you have seen at the Administrator Command Prompt window.

Finally, click on the OK button and then check if the issue gets solved or not.


Hope after attempting the above solutions you can fix the issue of Ethernet doesn’t have a valid IP configuration on your own. If you have any queries regarding the solution steps then put that in the comment section to let us know.

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