DirecTV Now Not Working | Troubleshooting Ideas

DirecTV Now Not Working | Troubleshooting Ideas

Surely it’s a nightmare for most of the users to see their DirecTV Now not Working properly. You then won’t able to watch videos, play games or stream your favorite shows to a large screen.

This can happen in any device and most of the time it occurs due to slow internet connection. Moreover, corrupted data in the stored cache are also caused this annoying situation.

In addition, if the same website is open on multiple tabs, it can cause this issue. Apart from that, incorrect time in your device, and extensions and ad-blockers might conflict with your browser and showing this issue.

If you facing any issue with the DirecTV Now, don’t worry, you are able to fix it by yourself. Just follow the suggestions or solutions stated below.

Effective Solutions For Troubleshooting DirecTV Now Not Working Issue

There are several possible solutions you can proceed to resolve the “DirecTV Now not Working” issue. Try them one-by-one until you can use DirecTV on your browser.

Method 1: Restart the Device

If you encounter DirecTV Now not Working on Chrome issue, try rebooting the device. A simple reboot can fix a lot of issues and this one may not be so different.

At first, turn off the device, that you are using to watch programs on DirecTV Now. After that, restart the device and try to use the service. Now, check whether the problem gets resolved or not.

Method 2: Check the Network Connection

Sometimes, the DirecTV Now not working on Chrome black screen issue appears due to the poor internet connection. Check the network connection that you are using.

If the network doesn’t work, restart the modem or router or use a different internet, if possible.

To restart the modem or the router, follow the below guidelines.

Step 1

At first, turn off the device in which you are watching the DirecTV. After that, turn off the router or modem. Now, disconnect all the power cables connected with the network device.

Step 2

Wait for a few seconds and then reconnect all the power cables as it was before. Thereafter, turn on both the router or modem and the device, on which you want to watch programs on DirecTV.

Now, check whether the DirecTV is running smoothly or not.

Method 3: Clear the Browser’s Cache and Cookies

When you are surfing the internet, the browser stored all the data in a particular folder. You need to delete the folder stored data on a daily basis. Otherwise, it will create many problems such as DirecTV not working issue.

If you are not aware of how to delete them, go through the following section.

Step 1

At first, double-click on the browser’s icon to launch the web browser. After that, click on the three dots situated at the topmost right corner of the browser.

Step 2

Thereafter, select the Settings option. Now, scroll down the window and then click on the Advanced button.

Step 3

Next, click on the Clear browsing data option, that is present under the “Privacy and security” section. Mark all the boxes present in the pop-up window.

Step 4

Lastly, click on the Clear Data button to remove all the caches and cookies present in the browser.

After clearing all the caches and cookies, open the DirecTV Now and check whether the service is working properly or not. Otherwise, move to the next section.

Method 4: Re-Sign in your DirecTV Now service

If the above processes cannot help you to fix DirecTV Now not Working on Chrome, then you need to sign out the DirecTV and then Sign-in back.

A large number of people reported that they sign out from their account and then re-sign in to get rid of this situation. And it works.

Step 1

To do that, simply open a web browser and then open the DirecTV Now. Next, open up the Settings menu and click on Log Out.

Step 2

After exiting from DirecTV Now, restart the system. When the system returns on, open the DirecTV service on the web browser and log in to your account by providing the proper username and password in the respective field.

Step 3

Click on the Login option and then check whether the problem gets resolved or not.

Fix 5: Turn off all Extensions and Ad-Blockers

A certain number of people use Ad-blockers when they install DirecTV Now in their device. But, there are several cases, where this ad-blockers conflict with genuine content and block them to display in the system screen.

Therefore, disabling the ad-blockers and extensions will resolve the problem. Hence, go through the steps mentioned in the section below and apply them.

Step 1:

First of all, launch Google Chrome on your device and then type “chrome://extensions” in the address bar. Hit the Enter button to move to the Extensions section.

Step 2:

After that, turn off the extensions by moving the slider on the left-hand side. Turning off the extensions will profit to solve this error by blocking any changes to your UI.

When the process gets completed, restart the system and check if the problem persists or not.

Fix 6: Correct Date and Time in your Device

If the date and time of your device are not set correctly, then you might get DirecTV not working issue. Hence, you need to correct the Date and Time of your system. Follow these steps in order to correct the Date and Time.

Step 1:

At first, launch the Settings window by pressing the Windows and the letter I key altogether. After that, move to the Time & Language section.

Step 2:

Thereafter, tap on the Date and Time option, if the Date and time are not correctly set then do the further steps. Uncheck the followings to disable them:

  • Set time automatically
  • Set time zone automatically

Step 3:

Next, click on the Change option under the Date and Time section. Now, correct the details and do not forget to disable “Auto-sync time”.

Press the OK button to save the changes. Lastly, restart the Chrome browser and check if the problem still resolved or not.


In the above sections, we have explained some simple solutions to fix DirecTV Now not a Working issue. Hopefully, you have tried them serially as arranged and the issue gets solved.

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