Avast Premier License Key: How to Activate? (Working)

Avast Premier License Key: How to Activate? (Working)

Avast Premier License Key

In this modern era of technology, securing your own cyber systems and its network is one of the most prior things that you must give attention to. In addition to that, you must also put a keen interest in the medium of data transmission with the help of powerful and secured security software. 

Avast is one of the well-known security software and you can download it for free. With the help of Avast Premier License Key, you can easily buy the software. In addition to that, you can also use the Avast activation code to access the professional versions. With the help of this professional version, you can all of its exclusive features. 

NOTE: Avast Premier is now a part of Avast Premium Security

Exclusive Features of Avast Anti-Virus

Avast has tons of salient and predominant features that can leave you stunned. Its features are very much user-friendly and easy to understand as well. So we advise you to go through and check out all the features that are listed below. This will only be helpful when you use the application. 

  • The security application gives you the ultimate protection from spyware and also gives security when you build up a communication channel via webcam.
  • It gives security by kicking off the hostage takes from your valuable files on the computer.
  • Avast also helps you to update all the other system applications at regular intervals. You don’t have to pay an extra charge for that. 
  • The security software also gives you protection from various types of pishing websites that has a high probability of stealing your valuable data. 
  • It gives you compact security to the entire home network and protects your system from being affected by vulnerable files. 
  • Avast also performs an optimized scan in for the entire system. In addition to that, it also cleans your registry with the help of the “Advanced Cleanup” feature. 

Leaving all of these features on one side, Avast has come up with some more special features for premium users. They are the Avast premium cleanup tool and Secured browser. With the help of the Avast premier activation code, you will be able to use these features as they make the entire security package complete for online security. 

Information on Avast Cleanup Tool

As you already know that the Avast cleanup tool is a newly launched feature, you might not have a complete idea about that. Follow the information that is stated below to get a good idea about the cleanup tool. 

Maintain your System Automatically

The brand new feature in the application will track as well as optimizes all the critical areas of your entire computer. Additionally, it will also help you by tracking cookies, mend broken shortcuts, and delete junk files as well as web caches.

Sleep Mode Feature

When the Avast is not in use, this feature will put the application in sleep. This action will help your system to trigger its performance. Additionally, this will also help your computer to assign more tasks in its volatile memory. 

Increase Disk Space

The new tool in Avast will clean all the unnecessary files in your system. With the help of this procedure, you will get a good system performance that will execute any tasks much faster.  

Cleaning the Web Browser

The Avast clean-up tool also removes all the browser cache not only from your system’s default browser but also from other browsers as well. In doing so, you will surf the internet faster than usual. 

Remove Unnecessary Applications

A process of bloatware removal is also done by the tool. It detects it by analyzing the cloud-based data and then deletes it completely from your system. 

Fix all Problems 

The tool also has the capability to fix most of the problems in your system. This will help your system to get free from errors. In doing so, you will not face many issues with your computer in the future. 

Rescue and Action Center

After Avast downloads and installs updates, you might not be happy with the user interface and its features. If this happens somehow, then you can use the Avast Rescue center and roll back the application to the previous version.

The Action center stays always active and reports about various issues that occur with your computer. If necessary, it will also repair your computer as well. 

Avast Security Browser

The security application has also launched its own web browser. While you browse the internet with the browser, it protects you from any type of pishing or cloning attacks. The secure browser has a lot of attractive features. Among them, then “Avast Bank Mode” is the most important.

It will give you complete protection during a money transfer, transaction update, and other banking processes. Moreover, the browser will also secure your banking credentials from black hat hackers. If you want additional information, go to the Avast official website and read about the secured browser review. 

System Requirements for Installing Avast

After going through all the points above, you might think that Avast needs a high fundamental system to be installed in. No, it is not at all true, as you will well understand the minimum and necessary system requirements that are given below. 

  • Windows Operating System (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10)
  • 1 GigaBytes of volatile memory (RAM)
  • Minimum 1GigaBytes of disk space

We hope that your system has this configuration. With the help of this, you will be able to install Avast easily and run it without any problem. 

Versions of Avast Anti Virus 

Avast generally comes with three excellent products. They are Avast Antivirus Pro, Avast Premier, and Free Avast Antivirus. You can use the pro version only for business purposes. Whereas Avast Premier is generally a paid version that you have to activate with the help of a license key. The free version is for normal users. 

Details of Avast Premier Version 

Just like the Avast professional (Pro), the premier version also comes with a variety of attractive features. You are not going to avail of these features in the free version so it will be a better idea to upgrade it to the premier. A lot of advanced tools and features will protect you from any kind of threat and suspicious links. 

Activation Process of Avast Premier Version

When you are willing to get the Avast premier version, you can also get a brief idea about its activation process. The steps are given below. 

  • Download the free version and install it. After that right-click on the Avast icon that is present in the system tray at the bottom-right corner of the screen. 
  • From the list of options, select “Subscription Information” and “My License” window will pop-up on your screen. 
  • Enter the valid Avast premier license key that you have and click on “OK”. After that, enter the registration key and hit on “Continue”. 

Wait for a few seconds and your activation will be successful. Now you will be able to use the application with all of its features active. 

Some of the License Keys to Activate Avast Premier Version


Here are some of the activation keys that will be helpful for you to activate your application. In addition to that, the validity year is also given along with the avast premier license key. They are here as follows. 

UHFDN3-97X5C2-4Z443S, 2020

3DWS9E-CW75YJ-4Q48YA, 2022


GWBB3M-ND3R3J-4EL4QA,  2027

BHECJD-WASZCJ-54C4UA (only System Clean up), 2029

NPRNW5-3JEVT2-4YL492,  2020

XHZ8FT-JUAKMJ-4KL496,  2040

AGHSPE -982YJJ- 5YU56N, 2020

Avast Antivirus 2020 Activation Key









When you are using the trial version (30 days), you must be aware of that as after 1 month, the application will reduce the protection of your system. Depending on your capability, you can choose the plan and make sure that it is suitable for you. We advise you not to get confused with the versions and their keys to avoid any kind of problems with your system.

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