5 Home Maintenance Tasks That Can Cost You Big Money If Neglected

5 Home Maintenance Tasks That Can Cost You Big Money If Neglected

Home Maintenance Tasks

Being a homeowner isn’t easy. There are innumerable tasks at hand and doing them gets tiring. Homeowners get caught up with repair and maintenance work often. Handyman helps clean gutters and replaces A.C .filters on time. Homeowners are stuck with all these tasks most of the time. Can’t afford to hire a handyman for home maintenance tasks? No worry. Basic home maintenance tasks are easy to do and economical too. You can save money by doing these tasks yourself.

The home maintenance checklist includes changing the furnace filter as per season. There are other tasks like dusting the house and keeping it top notch. Home maintenance involves several tasks. Homeowners often forget about these tasks. Here are a few home maintenance tips that will ensure you don’t burn a hole in your pockets.

Inspect Sump Pump:

Homeowners forget to check their sump pump regularly. It is important to ensure the sump pump is in good working condition. Failing to inspect the sump pump can lead to flooding of the entire basement floor. You will get caught up in untangling the cable. You will have to put in efforts to drag out the waterlogged carpet. Ignoring to check sump pump will make you put in efforts to vacuum out water. Ensure your sump pump has a vertical float switch. This helps prevent issues like flooding. Dump the water into the basin a couple of times to check your pump. This ensures your sump pump is working well.

Look Into High Water Pressure Issues:

High water pressure issues should be dealt with on time. Valves get damaged due to extensive usage. This causes high water pressure and needs to get fixed on time. Plumbers install a new valve and this helps lower water pressure. Homeowners should know the exact location of pressure reducing valves. These are found near the main water shutoff valve. The high water pressure causes damage to pipes. It can damage appliances and needs to get fixed soon. A massive amount of water gets wasted due to high water pressure. Homeowners overlook high water pressure. Homeowners need to buy a pressure-reducing valve. This helps avert high water pressure and simplifies your task.

Tidy Up Refrigerator Coils:

Dust, hair and cobwebs can clog refrigerator condenser coils. These are located behind the fridge and need to get cleaned often. Clogged coils fail to release heat causing damage to the fridge. Failure to release heat makes the compressor work more than required. This shortens the life span of the refrigerator. Use a good vacuum or coil-cleaning brush to tidy up the refrigerator. Ensure your coil-cleaning brush is bendable. This allows areas that aren’t reachable to get cleaned well.

Don’t Ignore Window Wells:

Homeowners who haven’t faced issues with water in a window well may never get it cleaned. Clogged gutters can dump water inside the window well. This averts drainage and results in rising water levels. High water pressure can break basement windows. Lots of water in the basement can cause flooding in your house. Tidy up window wells to avert flood situations in your home.

Keep Dryer Vents Clean:

The dryer can run inefficiently if you forget to unplug the dryer vent. Failure to unplug the dryer vent can cause a house fire. Centrally located dryers are vulnerable to plugging because they have lengthy ducts. Ducts get clogged due to excess lint. When hood flappers get stuck inside, it leads to clogs in ducts. If you suspect signs like bad odour and increased dry times, call plumbers soon. These are signs that your vent is plugged. Ensure to unfasten the vent from behind the dryer and clean it. Make sure you use a good vacuum to suck debris from the ducts. Buy smooth metal ducts as they can easily get cleaned.

Besides these, there are other points new homeowners must consider for home maintenance. Evaluating the security of your home is essential. New homeowners should replace locks and ensure they have a few sets of spare keys. Install a security system and doorbell camera to keep thefts at bay.

However large and spacious your house is, it isn’t going to be like a home, if it’s messy. New homeowners should ensure to tidy up their homes. Make sure to de-clutter your home on a regular basis. Ignoring these tasks can cost you big money. Don’t neglect these tasks and you will save money in the long run.

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